Just wanted to say thank you for your help, the sessions have provided just what I was after and am honestly feeling the best I have in a long time! Claire Bear, The City of London.
Claire Bear
The City of London
Barbara is a great therapist. She takes you on amazing journeys via Hypnosis and my experience was very positive. I stopped smoking straight away after the first session. I would highly recommend Barbara! Laia G. - London
Laia G.
I have always been curious by hypnotherapy but never had the nerve or the finance to try it before. On my 1st session, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not at all daunting. Barbara is very both professional and friendly, puts you at ease and you feel you can trust her to help you. I have chronic problem with procrastination which I know will take long time to resolve. I didn’t know what to expect After 3 sessions, I have to say, each time I made baby steps in improving my problem which I didn’t realistically know what to expect. I am pleased with the “baby steps” because it’s still a breakthrough for me! I know with perseverance and perhaps with more sessions, they can become giant steps. The sessions themselves were very enjoyable, Barbara takes you through lots of nice visualizations. I always left feeling relaxed, light and positive which is a wonderful feeling! I would highly recommend Barbara for anyone who has chronic issues that been bothering for them, hypnotherapy may just be your answer.
N. Zhang
After each session I am left with a feeling of extreme well being and total relaxation. My fears are dissipated tremendously and my sleeping pattern improved immensely. I cannot recommend Barbara highly enough.
Deborah West
I have had trouble with blushing ever since my late teens and was finding it increasingly debilitating in both my work and social life. I had tried other things before like CBT and other short courses, but nothing had made a lasting impact. Unsure what to expect from hypnotherapy, even after my first one hour session, I noticed big changes: finding myself more relaxed in front of people and crucially, actually looking forward to unfamiliar social contact, something that would have been unthinkable previously. There is still work to do – there is no such thing as a magic bullet – but I am now happier, more confident and feel like there is much less holding me back from living my life the way I want to live it. Highly recommended.
Excellent and extremely productive sessions. The experienced therapist helped put me at ease during initial session. I have since completely quit smoking and saved a fortune. Would highly recommend.
Hypnotherapy helped me to feel more relaxed and control my anxiety during the exam. I haven't panicked during the run up to my exams as I used to do prior the sessions.
Beata Charlet
Five years ago I had problems with my driving exam, I failed one and I didn’t believe that I could pass. The problem was that I felt really scared while driving and I made a lot of stupid mistakes! When I was about to take a driving exam once again I decided to have a session. It had a very strong influence on my mind. Barbara told me to imagine my success in the exam and I dreamt about it in the night! Next day during the exam I felt relaxed and self – confident and I passed! A year after, I had another session which left me really relaxed and in a good mood
Dorota Molendowska
The London Hypnotherapy studio helped me deal with stress and anxiety. The sessions boosted my confidence, improved my sleeping patterns, general well- being and loaded me with positive energy. I highly recommend to all sceptics, it is worth it and the best state of relaxation ever!
Hypnotherapy helped me to overcome anxiety and to lose weight, making my life more enjoyable and changing me into more optimistic person. I wholeheartedly recommend your sessions!
Joanna Tofil
Although I was a little skeptical about seeing a hypnotherapist I felt relaxed and at ease after meeting the therapist. The sessions really helped me overcome the panic attacks I was experiencing and also helped me to deal with the depression that I was going through after my divorce. I began to see things in a different perspective and now feel relaxed and positive about my future. Thank you!
John Doe
I have lost 4 kg since mid November (about 4 weeks). I do not starve myself and I do not spend all day at the gym. After two sessions I am more attracted to healthier foods and I do not crave for sweets as much as I did before. My main exercise at the moment is a brisk walk but I am going to join the gym from the New Year to become more toned.
Carmen Basulto
Barbara is so great and made me relaxed, calm and more at easy. Within the first session I saw and felt a transformation and have been able to deal with life and its situations better than before. Really highly recommended to do, especially with barbara, she is attentive to detail and helps with exactly what you need help with.
Ola B.
South London